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Crowdsourcing a wedding

Crowdsourcing a wedding

Heather Burke is a very brave woman. Her fiancé Dom Hodgson is organising their wedding with the help of a few friends on social media sites. Continue reading

Who to follow on Twitter?

Who to follow on Twitter?

A couple of months ago I was asked to provide my colleagues at ITV’s Millbank Office with some training on how to use Twitter, Google+ and other forms of social media. These are my updated notes on how to explain Twitter. Continue reading

Social Media and Live Events

On Friday I worked as a runner for the BBC Radio 4 roadshow, who were broadcasting Any Questions from the Cardiff Business School. During the broadcast I got the opportunity to sit at the back and watch while one of the BBC journalists twittered the broadcast. Due to the wireless network being a bit temperamental, … Continue reading

Trafigura and the people of Abidjan

Trafigura’s name has been dragged through the public muck this week, thanks to the great defenders of democracy; The Guardian and Twitter. The media storm which developed from Trafigura and Carter Ruck trying to prevent the Guardian publishing the Minton Report, using a super injunction, has protected our freedom of expression. But I feel the … Continue reading

BBC Website fail and Twitter

This evening I was looking at the BBC website reading the news. About 7 o’clock I clicked back to the news site only to see a message telling me it was not available due to a problem with a DNS server. I am sure the BBC website will be back soon, but what is interesting … Continue reading