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Developers and journalists working together

Developers and journalists working together

Journalists are essentially people who like telling an interesting story to as many people as possible. Developers are constantly looking for content makers to populate their sites and increase traffic. As the media becomes more aware of the possibilities of the web they are increasingly collaborating with developers to tell stories. Continue reading


Google Wave and Journalism Part 2

About 6 people in JOMEC currently have access to Google Wave and we have been experimenting with the system for a few weeks now. We are hoping to get all of the postgraduate students online but it takes time to get the invites sent out. A unique setting for testing journalists and Google Wave In the … Continue reading

Multimedia Journalist

One thing that is constantly being drummed into my generation of journalists is that we are writing the handbook on how to be a journalist in a multimedia world. With commercial television and radio suffering from decreasing advertising revenue, and audience figures falling it’s a very frightening time for journalists. There are so many unknowns; … Continue reading