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Google Wave for journalists

I have been fortunate enough to have Google Wave for the past week now, and despite the occasional crash I appear to be getting better. Here are my thoughts on its use so far. I keep on crashing Waves when I embed a link or picture. I have not managed to embed a webcam for … Continue reading

Trafigura and the people of Abidjan

Trafigura’s name has been dragged through the public muck this week, thanks to the great defenders of democracy; The Guardian and Twitter. The media storm which developed from Trafigura and Carter Ruck trying to prevent the Guardian publishing the Minton Report, using a super injunction, has protected our freedom of expression. But I feel the … Continue reading

Multimedia Journalist

One thing that is constantly being drummed into my generation of journalists is that we are writing the handbook on how to be a journalist in a multimedia world. With commercial television and radio suffering from decreasing advertising revenue, and audience figures falling it’s a very frightening time for journalists. There are so many unknowns; … Continue reading