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Wikipedia as a news source

Wikipedia as a news source

Wikipedia is a constantly evolving resource which can provide accurate and interesting data for journalists. But how can news organisations incorporate the entries in accurate reports when the site is so easily open to abuse. Continue reading

Developers and journalists working together

Developers and journalists working together

Journalists are essentially people who like telling an interesting story to as many people as possible. Developers are constantly looking for content makers to populate their sites and increase traffic. As the media becomes more aware of the possibilities of the web they are increasingly collaborating with developers to tell stories. Continue reading

BBC Democracy Live

The BBC have just soft launched a handy new tool for people interested in politics and journalists. BBC Democracy Live takes all the coverage from the BBC of Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Ireland Assembly and the European Parliament and allows you to search it. You can search for individual MP … Continue reading

Google Wave for journalists

I have been fortunate enough to have Google Wave for the past week now, and despite the occasional crash I appear to be getting better. Here are my thoughts on its use so far. I keep on crashing Waves when I embed a link or picture. I have not managed to embed a webcam for … Continue reading

BBC Website fail and Twitter

This evening I was looking at the BBC website reading the news. About 7 o’clock I clicked back to the news site only to see a message telling me it was not available due to a problem with a DNS server. I am sure the BBC website will be back soon, but what is interesting … Continue reading