Science Journalism

Science Journalism

Cardiff University has recently published new research into Science Journalism in the UK. In summary it says that science journalism is widely criticised because it is not placed into context. Journalists are having to work for longer, produce more copy, and so have less time to write stories. All this happens at the same time … Continue reading

Someone drops the ball in Tory HQ

Most people will by now have seen the very nice photos of Mr Cameron in various cities across the UK saying he won’t cut NHS spending. There is one in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and other parts of South Wales where the Conservatives think they can win. It sounds like a very interesting idea except that … Continue reading

Cardiff’s Christmas

Cardiff is the best place to go shopping in Wales, and the sixth best place to go shopping in the UK. However other market polls have put Cardiff much further down the list at number 21. In the run up to Christmas Cardiff transforms into a shoppers paradise and with the recent completion of the St … Continue reading