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Regional newspapers closing down

Regional newspapers closing down

Within the space of a week, two newspapers I regularly read to keep across stories in the South and South East are closing down. But what can be done to stop the decline of regional newspapers? Continue reading

Developers and journalists working together

Developers and journalists working together

Journalists are essentially people who like telling an interesting story to as many people as possible. Developers are constantly looking for content makers to populate their sites and increase traffic. As the media becomes more aware of the possibilities of the web they are increasingly collaborating with developers to tell stories. Continue reading

Someone drops the ball in Tory HQ

Most people will by now have seen the very nice photos of Mr Cameron in various cities across the UK saying he won’t cut NHS spending. There is one in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and other parts of South Wales where the Conservatives think they can win. It sounds like a very interesting idea except that … Continue reading

Google Wave and Journalism Part 2

About 6 people in JOMEC currently have access to Google Wave and we have been experimenting with the system for a few weeks now. We are hoping to get all of the postgraduate students online but it takes time to get the invites sent out. A unique setting for testing journalists and Google Wave In the … Continue reading

Social Media and Live Events

On Friday I worked as a runner for the BBC Radio 4 roadshow, who were broadcasting Any Questions from the Cardiff Business School. During the broadcast I got the opportunity to sit at the back and watch while one of the BBC journalists twittered the broadcast. Due to the wireless network being a bit temperamental, … Continue reading