Developers and journalists working together

Journalists are essentially people who like telling an interesting story to as many people as possible. Developers are constantly looking for content makers to populate their sites and increase traffic. As the media becomes more aware of the possibilities of the web they are increasingly collaborating with developers to tell stories.

BBC News Magazine 

Radio 4’s More or Less Programme is a regular favourite in our house hold as expert statisticians break down government figures into easy to understand stories. But their journalists are now branching out by working with developers to tell their story online. This report on the BBC News Magazine site takes the research done for Ruth Alexander’s report and breaks it down into an interactive article.

The developers on the news site undertook a similar collaboration with journalists during the Olympics. Their Olympic body type indicator article was used by all my Facebook and Twitter contacts during the games although I’m afraid to say that I was listed as a male 800 metres runner from Botswana.

Olympic Torch Bearers

During the Olympic Torch Relay ITV Meridian had some difficulty of obtaining a full list of names of all the torch bearers running through our region from LOCOG. It was only due to the persistent calls from our news editor that we received them at the end of each day. When we received the final lists it quickly became obvious as to why we having problems. Some of runners had very strange biographies on the LOCOG site which didn’t really fit with the press announcements of all the runners being “inspirational people”. 

The Help Me Investigate Blog had also picked up on similar issues with torchbearers across the country. This blog is read by a wide variety of journalists, bloggers and developers who work together to investigate stories. By collaborating online we were able to identify that some of our runners were in fact employees of Samsung one of the main supporters of the relay.

A similar investigation into runners in Oxford sparked a big debate on Meridian’s website and facebook when we revealed that most of the runners in the city were Americans supported by Coca Cola.


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