Someone drops the ball in Tory HQ

Most people will by now have seen the very nice photos of Mr Cameron in various cities across the UK saying he won’t cut NHS spending.

There is one in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and other parts of South Wales where the Conservatives think they can win. It sounds like a very interesting idea except that the pledge only applies to England.

Even if David Cameron gets elected Labour’s Edwina Hart will still have control over NHS spending in Wales.

Whoever is in power in Westminster will probably cut funding to the assembly, all the major parties seem to agree that this is a likely possibility.

Considering the number of grants the Welsh Assembly has given to local authorities to help with their education provision over the past few years, you do have to wonder if the cuts in the assembly’s budget by Westminster could also void Gordon Browns promise to ring fence education spending.

Yet again in political news, it seems that only Betsan Powys and Tomos Livingstone picked up on this point. Most of the mainstream media ignored any devolution implications as per usual. It’s frustrating because it also appears that the political parties are also ignoring the devolution differences in their manifesto pledges.

I know that in the past Wales has sometimes been left off the map, but I do hope that the up coming election takes into account the differences between Wales and the rest of the UK.


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