Why pay for journalism when you can get your news from twitter?

Rhodri Morgan says thanks to Welsh Labour for supporting him

Those of you who have been following my tweets will know that along with Politics Cymru, my colleague Adam Bearne and I broke the story of the winner of the Welsh Labour Leadership contest on Twitter.

We were fortunate enough to sit in the press pack for the announcement along with ITV, BBC, PA, Media Wales and other big hitters in the world of journalism.

The Western Mail correctly predicted the result in their morning edition. But we were able to break the story on Twitter before most other broadcasters.

Using a mobile to cover the story

Both Adam and myself were using our mobile phones: the iphone and the HTC Hero respectively to produce our coverage of the story through audio boos and tweeting.

Unfortunately my HTC hero failed to update the blog because WordPress could not cope with the android operating system.

How can a news organisation compete?

The ability of us to cover this news story with limited mobile phone technology highlights in a very clear way the main problem facing the supporters of paid content.

This week we had a lecture by Rob Andrews from Paid Content Uk, in which he argued that is was really important of having a clear concise business model for online content.

The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times had 10 staff members twittering the manhunt for the guy who shot 4 police officers. They also had a Google Wave running with over 500 wavers to create a variety of content.

They fund their online journalism through online advertising which Rob Andrew’s argues has a limited time scale.

This week has really highlighted how the real-time nature of Twitter and Google Wave can add an extra pressure on online content, and therefore the future of financing  journalism.


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