Social Media and Live Events

On Friday I worked as a runner for the BBC Radio 4 roadshow, who were broadcasting Any Questions from the Cardiff Business School.

During the broadcast I got the opportunity to sit at the back and watch while one of the BBC journalists twittered the broadcast. Due to the wireless network being a bit temperamental, plans for live blogging had been put on hold and replaced by a twitter feed, with the aim of stimulating conversation around the hashtag #r4unitour.

Mobile Phones and Live Events

I decided to use my HTC Hero and engage in the twitter conversation, and if you look at my tweets you will see that I found it hard to keep up with the challenging debate.

The problem I had was that my Hero’s screen was too small for what I wanted to achieve. This lead to frustrating typos in my tweets, and meant that I had to work at a slower speed than I would have done with a laptop.


Despite having many followers on twitter, and despite tweeting lots during Any Questions, I got a bigger response to my few status updates on Facebook.

Rory Cellan Jones the BBC’s tec correspondent gave us a talk on Tuesday and one of his important points was that in the rush to get onto Twitter many news outlets ignore the power of Facebook.

I have used Facebook as a source of stories for the past 4 years. Sometimes friends tell me leads through private messages, but more often than not I find stories by monitoring different groups.

This weekend for example I heard about Calvin Harris’s stage invasion of Jedwards performance on a friends Facebook status.

Live Events Experiment

After working with Facebook and Twitter I have decided to try and cover other live events using social media to connect with my audience. Two ideas currently in the pipeline are to cover rugby international such as the 6 nations, and the Labour Leadership contest in the Welsh Assembly.

Watch this space.


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