Google Wave and Journalism Part 2

About 6 people in JOMEC currently have access to Google Wave and we have been experimenting with the system for a few weeks now. We are hoping to get all of the postgraduate students online but it takes time to get the invites sent out.

A unique setting for testing journalists and Google Wave

In the second semester broadcast students run production days, where we create hourly radio bulletins and TV news programs on Tuesdays and Fridays of every week.

We work as a fully operational news team, but most of our content is broadcast in house which allows us to experiment with different technologies and ideas.

At the moment we are starting to experiment in how we can bring Google Wave into that setting, and if it would actually enhance the content we produce.

There are a few ideas being batted around, and I wondered if anyone in the blogging world had suggestions.

Here are some of our ideas so far;

  • Using Google Wave to create a live blog of people from across Cardiff to cover Rugby Internationals. Google Wave would be used to bring all the content together where it would be uploaded to a public blog once it passed editorial procedures.
  • Google Wave would be used to link journalists based across Cardiff to the running order/ editor in the main studio e.g journalists based in the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay. This has the potential for journalists based else where to add their stories to a script for a news bulletin, with audio, despite not being in the news room. Also has the potential for sending through voicers and wraps without having to physically enter the studio thus saving time and allowing broadcasters to collect more actuality for bulletins.
  • Creating a series of stories for online with journalists of different disciplines e.g magazine students would be in charge of lay out and design, broadcasters would gather content, all would be brought together through Google Wave.

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