COW, UGC links and citizen journalism

Todays links are focused on UGC and the power of video.

Last night BBC 2 Wales broadcast a film made by the University of Newport called Cow. It was released on to You Tube in August and has become an internet sensation particularly in the States.

The second link of the day is about the news organisation Uptake. They are based in the states and have produced some fantastic coverage of the republican national convention and the riots that surrounded it. They are run by 4 journalists but most of their content comes from the citizen journalists they have trained.

Finally I wanted to share a link from my specialist blog and patch. I use specialist forums to speak to other coeliacs about what concerns them and use their feedback as the basis for my other articles. At the moment I am working on a piece about BBC Good Food Magazine because they published a Christmas Pudding Dessert which they claim was Gluten Free. Unfortunately they got it wrong because the pudding in question contains spelt flour which coeliacs are allergic to.

I found the story here since then the same forum have highlighted other problems with Starbucks and cross contamination. It’s another example of how the internet can be a great source for journalists if they engage with the right communities.


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