Blogs, links and all things technical at Halloween

We had a very interesting chat by Adam Tinworth from RBI last week in which he outlined lots of different methods of blogging and which works best.

I am going to try a little experiment this week. At the moment I have been writing mainly opinion based pieces when really I probably don’t have sufficient expertise to offer lots of opinions, unless it’s on my specialist blog.

So next week I will be posting every day a selection of links, videos and random audio clips which I think you lovely people might be interested in. Most will be journalism related, others will be highly random but I promise to make them all interesting.

Any advice would be much appreciated….

One of the things which was discussed in the lecture was the importance of online communities for information and expertise. Well here is an online forum based community of journalists who want to discuss online journalism. You need to be ‘accepted’ so send a short biography to the main administrator.

Thats my only journalism based link this morning. Since it was Halloween last weekend here is some interesting Halloween links.

The White House is haunted and here you can find out by whom

I never went trick or treating as a child, but if you are stuck for ideas and you want a reality TV show try making your child wear this You are less likely to get arrested for it, unlike balloon boy’s parents.


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