BBC Website fail and Twitter

This evening I was looking at the BBC website reading the news. About 7 o’clock I clicked back to the news site only to see a message telling me it was not available due to a problem with a DNS server.

I am sure the BBC website will be back soon, but what is interesting is how quickly it appears in lots of tweets .

My twitter fall keeps growing with people talking about it, and thanks to this list you can see when the website when down.

You can also see that it is not just a UK based issue with tweeters from Europe twittering of similar problems.

Another trend in most of these tweets is that people are really concerned and upset that the website is down.

People often complain about the licence fee but surely the rapidity of response to the website disappearing is indicative of the warmth and trust that people all over the world have in the BBC.

As my house mate says

“something could happen and we wouldn’t know!!!! Checking another website would probably get that problem solved but its upsetting cos I want that one!”

Later addition, the website was down for about 20 minutes now appears to be working fine.


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