A retro journalist internet manifesto from Cardiff Journalism School

Our world is full of ideas, and knowing which are the good ones and which are bad ones is often impossible.

For example;

  • Lets write a manifesto about all the things that a journalist should do online. Ok good idea.
  • Then lets put it online where only those who have access to the internet and are already ‘engaged in the conversation’ can see it.  Bad idea but a very valid point!

People who are for online multi media, and want to drag journalism kicking and screaming into the virtual age are those who are reading this blog.

An important silent group

The public who still enjoy reading newspapers in print rather than on e-books, and who stay up to listen to Nick Grimshaw talk about new music, rather than listening to a podcast are silent in these discussions.

I love the internet, but sometimes I have to fight an implus that says I don’t want to share all my information online or even discuss things online.

Blogging and having an online presence is something I have slowly grown used to. The internet has evolved a space in my life style, and while travelling I really missed my internet interaction.

So yes, I agree, the modern journalist should be online and interactive. Versitile with twitter, flickr, google, yahoo, and any other account which allows us to interact with a wider audience and to escape from our fortresses!

But I don’t think we should forget or ignore the feelings of people who are a silent.

A silent group

Part of that previously silent group is made up of journalism students, who thanks to our loverly lectures have been forced to start blogs. Please don’t think that I think I believe this is a negative. I particularly enjoy blogging especially about my specialist subject.

New technology is frightening to journalists, leaving the fortress is frightening, the ‘people formerly known as the audience are frightening!’. Broadcasters are always told we should try and be as impartial as possible, so to then be told to offer opinion through a blog is a bit scary!

But in the spirit of journalism I enclose below my manifesto of all the things we love about old journalism, a list of reasons why we became journalists, before it is all consinded to the waste bin by the IT age.

  • Tweed jackets, smoking pipes, and Cronkite (see good luck and good night for the imagery).
  • That a birthday announcement in the Thame Gazette (my local paper) was the pinacle of cool.
  • Records were on tape, and we had to rewind them by sticking our fingers in the little holes. My first tape was Hanson…. so proud!
  • The news was at 9 oclock meaning that we could watch it before going to bed.
  • Getting your name read out on your local radio station made you really cool amoungst your school friends.
  • We believed that being a journalist would earn you money and we all wanted to be Micheal Parkinson.

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